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Spline Drive Bulge Acorn Lug Nut 14x1.5 XL Long Black

Spline Drive Bulge Acorn Lug Nut 14x1.5 XL Long Black

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Thread Size: 14x1.5, Seat Type: Cone Seat 60 Degree, Hex/Wrench Size: Tool - 13/16" & 7/8", Length: 2.00", Construction: Through-Hardened Steel, Finish: Chrome, SKU: Fits: Most vehicles with 14x1.5 wheel studs and aftermarket wheels that utilize a standard size 60 degree conical seat lug nut.
Specifications: 14x1.5 - 7-Spline acorn style lug nut - 60 degree cone seat - Tool - 13/16" & 7/8" Hex
Features: Made from 1008 carbon steel and heat treated to ISO 898-1 class 12.9 for added strength - Chrome Finish - Triple layer plated with copper, nickel and chrome.
Important Note: This lug nut is not compatible with factory/OE wheels
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Thread Size: 14x1.5
Seat Type: Cone Seat 60 Degree
Hex/Wrench Size: Tool - 13/16" & 7/8"
Length: 2.00"
Construction: Through-Hardened Steel
Finish: Chrome
Important information:
Lug nuts have two compatibilities, one to match the lug nut thread size to the vehicle's wheel studs and the other to match the lug nut style to the wheel. The compatibility tool is used to match the thread size of the lug nut to the vehicle's wheel studs, it does not match the lug nut style to the wheel. Make sure you have chosen the correct style prior to placing an order, ask if you have any questions.
This style of lug nut is generally used on aftermarket wheels with exposed lug nuts that require a standard size conical seat lug nut.
Does not work with factory/OE wheels.
Made from Through-Hardened steel with a chrome plating.
Item ships in non-retail bulk packaging.
Please verify this is the correct style of lug nut for your wheels before ordering, if you have any questions please ask.

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